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Hi, I’m Baani, a teenager from Delhi. I have always lived in Delhi – the city known worldwide for its pollution – and sometimes, it does feel like I’m looking out at the world through a smoke house. But the view in here is not all grey, there are greens with tints of yellows and pinks, and that’s what I wanna show you.

But the blog isn’t just about Delhi. It’s about the whole 123 billion acres of land and water that the Earth has. Protecting all of it. For our future.

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Hi, I’m Baani, a Delhi teen with a whole lotta hobbies and passions. I read, write, sing, dance, and ride horses! But it is my love for nature that binds all these together – I read Ruskin Bond, write blogs on the environment, sing and dance alone in the rain, and have a soul-level connection with horses. To sum up, my eyes twinkle when I see the green around me.

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